The origin, the history
of the most popular Italian dessert, eaten worldwide

The Tirame (name in Venetian dialect) by the pastry chef Roberto Linguanotto (called LOLY) from Italy

Passion is the main ingredient!

My name is Roberto Linguanotto called Loly, born in Treviso, Italy, in 1943.

My job, my great passion, has been of continuous stimulus to me in trying to keep looking for new ideas. I have worked as a pastry chef for the first 15 years, then as an ice-cream chef.

Working for the prestigious restaurant "Alle Beccherie" in Treviso was the spur to keep challenging myself, to prove that even with simple ingredients, meanwhile remaining faithful to tradition, it is possibile to give birth to something magical: tiramisù!

After becoming ice-cream chef, I have kept trying to conceive new ideas, with just one goal in mind: my customers’ satisfaction.

I have worked for big companies, Nortongate-Pregel and Pernigotti, giving technical demonstrations, mainly abroad, in the whole of Europe and the Mediterranean area, as well as in China, proud to transmit and spread the “made in Italy” and the “made in Treviso” trademarks.

Rewarded by everything I’ve managed to learn.


All simple everyday gestures and behaviours help us grasp the real meaning of life: it’s the simplest things that are most appreciated.


Taste means focusing on natural things, never giving up looking for something new and without forgetting the taste of natural, true things.


Niceness is the tray we use to serve emotions, true emotions that, along with a smile, help make everyday life easier.