It was immediately named "tiramesù"

My arrival at the Beccherie restaurant in Treviso, owned by the Campeol family, dates back to 1970.
Since the beginning, I have always worked side by side with Mrs. Alba Campeol (see picture) who suggested me to try to devise new, simple flavour combinations respecting the local tradition.

In the kitchen we always talked about offering new kinds of sweets that could be appreciated by everybody, children and adults. I have always felt the need to return the Campeols’ confidence by showing them to deserve their trust.

So, one day, I put together some simple and well-known ingredients and tried to make the whole “portionable”: this is how this cake was born. It was immediately named “tiramesù” (pick-me-up)!

The ingredients, however simple, have to be first quality: from the coffee to the ladyfingers, from the mascarpone to the eggs. I was persauded to have given birth to a successful cake, and this convinction was confirmed by the high quantity of portions served every day, and especially by the high number of customers that asked for a second serving!

The rest is history..., Tiramesù (afterwards renamed Tiramisù) is the best known Italian cake in the world, the most widely eaten and appreciated.

Now like then, at the Beccherie restaurant in Treviso, the Campeols make it this way, in its original round shape.