Tiramisù... its evolution

Tiramesù has changed during the years – some ingredients have been replaced , some added.

In the mid 70s,in my ice-cream parlour “Glacia Shop” in Mestre (near Venice), I replaced the savoiardi (ladyfingers) with sponge cake, because -due to the high consumption of Tiramesù – I had to make it on large trays so that I could cut it into square slices.

With time, and thanks to their industrialisation, some confectioners’ and restaurants preferred pasteurised egg yolks to fresh eggs for healthy reasons.

Savoiardi may be replaced by::
- Sponge cake
- Pavesini biscuits
- Pandoro cake (Christmas Tiramesù)
- Milk biscuits
- Sardinia savoiardi (much bigger than the classic ones)

Mascarpone (all or half of it) may be replaced by::
- Ricotta cheese (Light Tiramesu’)
- Custard
- Whipped cream
- Whipped egg whites

Egg yolks may be replaced by:
- Zabaglione